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Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions from your pet…

Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions from your pet… 1. Physical Exercise You know it is the number one resolution for people and it is something your pet craves too! Just like people in your life, some pets are really obvious about liking exercise and then others… not

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Top 5 Reasons a Dog Trainer Can Change Your Life!

DOGS CAN GO “BARK TO SCHOOL” TOO! 1. Trainers can build your dog’s confidence and yours! When you take the steps through a training process and build on the foundation of the same language, your confidence soars and because of that, so does your dogs! It’s a

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5 Tips for Successful Leash Manners Training

Obedient pets tend to stay out of harm’s way… plain and simple! Have you ever thought that that obedience class you took with your dog could save their life? It absolutely can! If your dog trusts and understands our quirky forms of communication, it could save them

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