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Top 5 Texan Pet Summer Dangers

Top 5 Texan Pet Summer Dangers When I ask my students what are the dangers that Texan pets face,  you can all probably guess the number 1 answer I get… the HEAT! But what are some of the other dangers we and our southern neighboring states face

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Potato… the cat…

First sign: Vomiting… Second sign: Not eating… If I’d waited any longer: I would be writing his eulogy… The Saturday before Christmas Potato was spitting up some water that he’d drank. Saturday evening he had not had any interest in eating which has never happened… ever! Saturday

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Top 7 Holiday Pet Dangers

7. HOLIDAY & TREE DECORATIONS Tinsel, if ingested can cause intestinal obstructions. Dogs think that you put those decorations (glass balls) on the tree just for them. If broken, the glass can cause injury to the pet. Cats love to climb the tree which can be dangerous.

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Not so Happy Halloween… for the pets!

When my students in my seminars are asked about Holiday Dangers no doubt Christmas, Thanksgiving and Fourth of July are always among the top responses! But what about that sneaky, creepy Halloween Holiday? Did you know that calls around Halloween make it the busiest season for Pet

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The Dangers of Heat Stroke in Our Pets

Heat Stroke Awareness A few weeks ago, Dallas Pet CPR & First Aid Education kicked off the summer with our good friends at Operation Kindness’ 20th Dog Day Afternoon! This is one of our favorite events every year and each year we come across so many pet

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Your pet called… He’s got some NEW Resolutions for you!

Finally, make some resolutions that you can actually keep… requested by your pets! 1. Be Knowledgeable! Take a PetSaver: Pet CPR & First Aid Course – What would you do if something happened to your four-legged best friend? Most initial answers would be simply to take them

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How do I check Mucous Membranes or for a Capillary Refill Time (CRT) on my pet?

The color of your pet’s Mucous Membranes and Capillary Refill Time, also known as CRT, are two very easy and very important vitals that you should know how to assess on a regular basis, but especially in an emergency! Checking Mucous Membranes and CRT is one of

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Hyperthermia/Heat Stroke Awareness In Dogs

Definition of Hyperthermia/Heat Stroke: An elevation is your dog’s body temperature, generally above 103° or higher. Normal body temperature for a dog generally ranges from approximately 100.4° and 102.5°. Heat stroke can occur when all the heat-dissipating mechanisms of the body are unable to control the body’s

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Tip of the Month – Heartworm/Flea Prevention!

Tip of the Month: Did you do your monthly heartworm and flea prevention yesterday on the first of the month? Which brand of prevention are your animals on? There are SO MANY different brands out there so we would LOVE to hear about your brand that you’ve

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