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Dog Training

Dog Training

Balanced Positive Reinforcement
Leadership Training
for Owners & their Pets!

Veterinarian Recommended
Small Group Obedience Classes
Private Training Sessions
Phone Consultations
Educational Seminars & Webinars

Step 1: Please fill out our Training Registration Form

Step 2: Pre-Pay with convenient payment links
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Step 4: Get ready to have some fun!

“Sit! Stay! Educate!”
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“I work with you to motivate the dog to WANT to do what you ask,
not fear what you will do to them if they don’t.”

Are you having specific problems with your pets?

We specialize in all behavior problems… and we love involving the entire family into our Training Programs!

    • Leash Reactivity
      My dog barks and lunges at people or dogs while on leash!
    • Housetraining
      Help, my dog pees or poops in the house!
    • Crate Training Challenges
      My dog hates his crate…
    • Separation Anxiety
      My dog destroys the house or barks and whines like crazy when I leave…
    • Dog and/or Human Aggression
      My dog doesn’t like certain people… or my dog bites!
    • In-Home Dog Dynamics – Multi-Dog Household Challenges
      My dogs don’t all get along in the house…
    • Jumping / Greeting Strangers or Household Manners
      My dog jumps on everyone…
    • Anxiety Behaviors: Licking, Barking, or Whining

  • Fears or Phobias
    My dog is scared of everything…
  • New Dog or New Baby?

Private Day Training

Don’t want to send your dog away to a boarding facility to train them, but don’t really have all the time you need to start the initial training process?

Have you heard bad things about what happens when you send your dog away? Those facilities are under a lot of pressure to get quick results for a lot of families all at one time. A LOT of Board-N-Train Programs use negative “dominance” based techniques that get the dog to do what you want them to do out of fear of what will happen if they don’t behave…

Now there’s an even better option!

In-Home Option (Most recommended)

The stress of boarding (even at the best places) is not the most ideal environment for learning so I created an option for owners to keep the pet at home, but still get trained! Beth will come to your home when you’re home or provided with a key to just work individually with the dog without owner present.

This is an option for Private Session students that need additional help teaching and reinforcing commands with the dog due to time constraints! YOU MUST have a very clear understanding of the rules and the importance of consistency. Beth can train your dog all day long, but if you don’t reinforce the training and rules, it will not last! The dog will only learn the habits that are reinforced!


FOR THE DOG: 3 days a week – 45 minutes a day – for a minimum of 4 weeks – Total of TWELVE 45 min sessions

FOR THE HUMANS: 1 session before program and 1 session after each week of training – all household members must attend all HUMAN sessions – Total of FIVE 60min sessions to coach you on new commands and how to reinforce the training

  • Days are dependent on both owner’s and Beth’s schedule and dog’s needs

You must work with Beth at least once a week so that she can work with YOU to make sure all commands are consistently reinforced. Beth will not be taking additional time after each individual session with the dog to meet with the owner. The dog will be exhausted at this point and this time will be better spent in a private session (from your package) so that Beth can allot the time to fully explain and practice all commands and variables with the owner.

What we Cover: We teach Sit, Down, Focus/Look, Wait, Stay, Come, Leave-It, Drop-It, Quiet, Loose-Leash Manners, No Jumping, Nipping/Biting, Place command and Touch! If the dog has specific behavioral challenges that require more time, it can be continued a week at a time!

Cost of this Program – $1885 per dog for 12 sessions with the dog (Three 45 min sessions each week for 1 month) and 5 weekly sessions with YOU!
Additional weeks can be purchased for an additional $396 per week which will be 3 more sessions with the dog and 1 more session with you!

Boarding (At approved facilities only)

When the pet is being boarded Beth will work individually with the dog without owner present. This is an option for Private Package students that need additional help teaching and reinforcing commands with the dog and due to time constraints! An absolute must is a very clear understanding of the rules and the importance of consistency. Beth can train your dog all day long, but if you don’t reinforce the training and rules, it will not last! The dog will only learn the habits that he’s asked to keep up!

Required minimum 3 days during stay – 45 – 60 minute Sessions – Photos and Videos are sent during their stay!

  • Days are dependent on Beth’s schedule and dog’s needs
  • You must be a Private Session Package client

Cost of this Program – $70 per session with a minimum of 3 sessions

My reputation rides on your dog’s training so I ask that any families that participate in this program do so with full intention to keep it up and stay committed to training! You will get what you put into it and I want you to make your dog and I very proud! I am so excited about the progress that this program will bring to your household!

Fill out our Training Registration Form to get started!

Private Consultations (In-Home or On-Site)

First 20-min Phone Consult: FREE

Phone Consults
Best for former students and/or experienced owners who just need guidance on new issues

Individual Sessions (In-Home or On-Site – Pay by session)
Initial Session includes 30 min complimentary assessment

Custom Private Training Session Packages (In-Home or On-Site)
Must be pre-paid before sessions are scheduled
*All package students receive priority scheduling
*Packages do not expire
*Package holders receive discounts on Group Obedience Class and Workshops for up to 6 months after package purchase

Premium Private Training 3-Session Packages (10% off)
Three 60-Minute Sessions (Recommended for One Dog for VERY basic manners)

VIP Private Training 6-Session Packages (15% off)
Six 60-Minute Sessions (Recommended for One Dog)

Private Training Session Packages – On Payment Plan
Must be pre-approved and extenuating circumstances discussed with Beth in advance
*Forfeit the pre-paid discount in exchange for monthly payments on package
*$25 Late Payment Fee
*3 Session packages cannot schedule more than one session per 2 weeks

Half of the amount of package is due before first session then monthly payments due on 15th of each month

60 Minute Packages are usually adequate for single-dog households
unless there are several issues to cover in each session

3-Session 60 Minute Package – $173 due up front then $60/mo for 3 months
6-Session 60 Minute Package – $345 due up front then $120/mo for 3 months

90 Minute Packages are recommended for multiple dog households or significant number of challenges

3-Session 90 Minute Package – $225 due up front then $80/mo for 3 months
6-Session 90 Minute Package – $450 due up front then $155/mo for 3 months

We accept Cash, Check or Credit Cards


Group Classes & Workshops

No Events

Our group workshops and classes are small, effective and a lot of fun!

We hold our classes across North Dallas, Carrollton, Frisco, East Dallas, Uptown and Downtown Dallas and rotate them around town!

Premium & VIP Private Session Package Students will get discounts on each of the following!

One-Day Workshops
Leash Manners, Jumping & Proper Greetings – $47/1 dog – $42/dog if 2 enrolled

Recall Reliability (Get your dog to come to you every time!) – $37/dog

Tricks Workshop – $27/dog

Basic Obedience 5-Week Group Class
$129/dog for ALL 5 weeks!

Online Introduction Class sent within 1 week before starting class
Sit, Down, Proper Greetings – No Jumping, Basic Stay, Come, Wait, Leash Manners, Leave-It, and 2 Tricks
Final week is Graduation Ceremony
*Very limited spots so reserve yours fast!
*Discounts available for multiple pets, but each pet must bring a human!
*Families welcome & encouraged! – No limit to humans
*Discount available for Multiple Dogs, Private Session Students and Package Students

Dog Training
Registration Form

Training Registration Form
After you submit this form you will be redirected to purchase a dog training package.


We are so excited that you have decided to start the journey of training!

Before you schedule your session, please make sure you have
1. Filled out our Training Registration form
2. Selected and paid for either an individual session or a Premium or VIP Package

Once those are complete, or if you are a current training client please see our online scheduling portal to choose the best day and time that works for you!

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 3 reviews
Dog Training

Prior to Beth I had been told beagles cannot be trained and that they will always follow their nose. I had even known dog trainers who refused to work with beagles simply because of their hound characteristics. Beth worked wonders with my beagle puppy Houdini. She helped him master basic commands in a very short time period. I recently moved and still keep in touch with Beth regarding Houdini. Beth is not only a dog trainer, she becomes a part of your dog's life and a friend of the family. I am so happy she came into our life.

Beth is knowledgeable, easy to work with and genuinely invested in you and your pet. I highly recommend her services!

by Kristin Haggard on Power to The PawZ Dog Training
Owner & Animal Education, Private Lessons, New Dog Integration Training

Beth is a true educator. Not only have Lucy and I taken (and passed!) two of her group obedience training classes, Beth was there the first day I brought Lucy home. She consulted and advised on the best setup at the house for Lucy, she helped me learn Lucy's "language" quickly, and she helped me teach Lucy the house rules. Her class, and her personal attention to us, helped build trust and an amazing bond between Lucy and me. I highly recommend reaching out to Beth for anything you need for your fur babies: CPR, nutrition consult, obedience training, or help integrating a new dog into your family.