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Dog Walking

Dog Walking

There are so many benefits and advantages to using Power To The PawZ Dog Walkers!

Our Dog Walkers are different than other companies or your friend’s child down the street because we not only take all measures to keep your pet safe, but since our owner Beth Bowers is a Professional Dog Trainer, we incorporate and reinforce all Leash Manners for our clients! They get training AND exercise in one walk! That is PHYSICAL & MENTAL stimulation in one! This is the key for maximum exhaustion!

*Leash Manners reinforced for all training clients!

*Exercise: Very rarely are people in today’s busy working world able to give their dogs proper physical stimulation – We are here to make sure your pet gets out for adequate exercise for their breed type while making sure they are SAFE

*Our team is trained in Pet CPR & First Aid from the only Master Pet Tech Instructor in Texas. They are required to go through our full course not only once, but THREE times each year to make sure they truly know the material and skills. Most pet care professionals take the minimum that is required by their certificate, which is on average, once every TWO years!

Dog Walking Rates

Packages are available for each type of walk that can save you 10-20% on the price per day if pre-purchased and reserved in advance on a regular basis!


Potty Break (10-15 min visit letting them out in yard – No walk) – $15/visit

15-20min Walk – $20/walk (1-2 dogs)
Best for smaller breeds, low energy dogs or senior citizens

30 min Walk – $25/walk (1-2 dogs)
*Most requested! Great for a good general walk with an average energy dog all while keeping your pet safe AND practicing proper leash manners!

45 – 60 min Walk – $35 – $45/walk (1-2 dogs)
Awesome for high energy larger dogs that need a lot of exercise and have the stamina to do it. Not usually appropriate for most small dogs as it is generally too long for most although you may have the exception!

**Each additional dog is an extra $5 per walk if they can all be walked together

Puppy Potty Break – $20/visit
Designed with all our struggling house-training clients in mind! We want to make sure they don’t have to hold it all day so we let them out of kennel, encourage “go potty” outside and we don’t leave until they do! We also play with them (mental stimulation) and give them lunch if needed! Great for first 1-3 months when you are trying to keep potty breaks consistent! Most clients do this 1-2 times during an 8-10 hour workday until they are confident holding it while you are gone all day. Once old enough and protected with vaccinations, we will even do a short walk! And if they do have an accident, we will clean it up too! This must be a minimum of 4 days per week and paid weekly at the beginning of the week.

*In-A-Jam Dog Walking – $25
Less than 24 hour notice – 20-30 minute walk