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Knowing Your Pet’s Health

Knowing Your Pet’s Health

You’ve chosen to take responsibility for this Gift of Life, this new dog, cat puppy or kitten.

Your responsibility, as a pet owner in this new millennium, is to create a lifestyle for your pet that will minimize the risk of illness, injury and disease AND maximizes the quality of your pet’s life and your relationship with them. That’s what this seminar can help you learn to do!

There are 5 Components for Optimal Wellness for your pet… How many can you check off?

Topics Covered

  • Nutrition
  • The Top 10 Ingredients You DO NOT Want To See In Your Pet’s Food
  • Water
  • Supplementation
  • Exercise
  • Snout-To-Tail™ Assessment for Injury & Wellness
  • Your Pet’s Vitals
    Temperature, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and Mucous Membranes!
  • And so much more!

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dog training

Beth is the best. Our frisky doddle was running the house until we met Beth.
Sunny reacted to her with obedience and a real desire to please. With her
training we have a lovely dog we are very proud of.
Beth really knows what she is doing. Her experience and true love of dogs is
evident in all her encounters with you and your pet.
I highly recommend Beth, she is a wonderful trainer and person.
Most sincerely, Diana, Peter, and Sunny Malin

Dog Training

Prior to Beth I had been told beagles cannot be trained and that they will always follow their nose. I had even known dog trainers who refused to work with beagles simply because of their hound characteristics. Beth worked wonders with my beagle puppy Houdini. She helped him master basic commands in a very short time period. I recently moved and still keep in touch with Beth regarding Houdini. Beth is not only a dog trainer, she becomes a part of your dog's life and a friend of the family. I am so happy she came into our life.

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