Dallas Dog Trainer & Pet First Aid and CPR
Beth Bowers
"The Pet Education Expert"

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Who is Beth?

My passion…
in life is to feed my hunger for knowledge of the animal world by surrounding myself with other pet professionals and pet owners. I learn from all of them and use that as I strive to bridge the gap of communication between my clients and their animals.

My vision…
is to teach pet owners and to provide the resources for them to not only care for their pets, but also be able to communicate with their pets on a level of mutual respect where each truly understands the other.

Animals are animals. Not humans. They absolutely touch our soul and most of us have a relationship with our animals that only we understand, but being able to balance that with respect and communication is key.

That’s where my passion lies.

Leader of the Pack…

Beth Bowers

  • Grew up wanting to be a Veterinarian AND a Teacher
  • At only 11 years old, she started her first pet sitting business in her apartment complex.
  • Started as a Veterinary Assistant at 15 years old and was promoted in the industry quickly working as a Veterinary Technician for over 10 years at Day Practices & Emergency Veterinary Hospitals
  • Since 2006, Beth stood as the Operations Manager and Training Director for 3 local Boarding, Daycare, Grooming facilities.
  • Joined Pet Tech in 2007 and is currently the longest standing active Pet Tech Instructor in the DFW area.
  • She has spoken to thousands and educated almost 500 Pet Parents, Pet Care Professionals over the last 8 years earning her the coveted Certified Master Instructor title making her one of only 13 Pet Tech Master Instructors in the country!
  • Served as an Emergency Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Nurse throughout Dallas and Houston from 1998 – 2009 when she transitioned her career to Facility Management and serving as a Training Director for several Facilities that didn’t have an existing Training Program before Beth joined.
  • Continued to remain an active among countless rescues in Dallas and even teaches for those that are curious about becoming a foster, but have concerns and questions.
  • Before he passed, she and her soulmutt Burt were a certified Therapy Dog Team with Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs and Therapy Dogs Inc. They visited schools and libraries where children that struggle with literacy challenges read to him in a relaxed, non-judgmental environment. Burt was lost tragically in an accident in 2013, but his spirit still lives on in Beth and her newest demo dogs Ernie and Potato spreading empowering education!

Beth lives to improve the lives of all animals through education. Dallas Pet CPR & First Aid along with Power To The PawZ Pet Services & Education have grown rapidly over the last few years and she now networks with many Pet Care Professionals, Pet Sitters, Veterinarians, Rescues, and other businesses in the area to help to enrich her ongoing quest for knowledge in the animal industry.

"Puppy Dog" Kostun (aggressive with people) who was tamed on a camping trip! "My passion for animals is my purpose in life. I am consistently working to do my part and am committed to Pet Tech's mission of 'improving the quality of pet's lives, one pet parent at a time™." - Beth Bowers, Owner

(214) 476-9938

Beth’s Four-Legged Family




Burt! (RIP 2013)

Burt, President Demo Dog
(RIP 2000 – 2013)

12 years old, Basset Hound/Great Pyrenees
Certified Therapy Dog
The best Demo Dog that ever existed!

Unfortunately, Burt passed away Feb 2013…
RIP to my Great Bassenees… there will NEVER be another like him…

Ernie the Pet CPR Demo Dog

6 years old, Basset Hound/Shepherd
Rescued from Metroplex Mutts/Dallas Animal Services who quickly became a Foster Failure when Beth discovered that he “sings” and will now do it on command with a little help…He doesn’t like “singing” alone…The most charismatic demo dog! Such a personality and charmer!

Mr. Potato Head
Living to educate &
show the world what
a true Pit Bull is!

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5 years old, Pit Bull Terrier
Rescued from the streets of Fort Hood and was next on the list for Euthanasia…
just because he was a pit bull…
Give him less than a minute and you’ll be in love!

“How can anyone possibly be afraid of a pitbull named Potato?”

Ebony The Enduring,
the new “famous”
Duck Demo Dog!

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3 years old, Pit Bull/American Bulldog Mix
Rescued from the streets by Duck Team 6
Transformed from Heartbroken to Heartwarming… Amazing girl!