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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Serving the Dallas and surrounding areas

Why use a Professional Pet Sitter?

Benefits to the Pet:

  • Reduce your pet’s stress by keeping them in a familiar environment
  • The pet can still follow the daily routine of diet, exercise, and medications
  • Keep your pet healthier by not exposing them to parasites and other airborne respiratory illnesses found with other animals
  • Get rid of the trauma caused by travel and unfamiliar environments
  • The pet will receive individual love and undivided attention while you are away
  • In the event of an emergency, your pet will be transported to your vet for immediate attention

Benefits To The Owner:

  • The owner will have Peace of Mind knowing their animal is in loving and protective hands
  • The owner isn’t inconvenienced by taking the animal in the car, to the kennel, making sure they have the right food, have the right medication, then going home and worrying
  • The owner doesn’t have to impose on family, friends, or neighbors
  • The owner’s home is made more secure by crime deterrent measures
  • Pet Sitters can provide additional home services while caring for your pet, such as watering plants, bringing in the mail/newspapers, grocery shopping, and dry cleaning
  • The owner may call me at anytime to check on their house or their animal

Pet Sitting Visits

$26.00 per 30-45 minute visit
Extended Play Time $10.00 per 1/2 hour

Overnight Service $150/night
**Guaranteed a minimum of 10 hours overnight and INCLUDES a mid-day visit

House sit with No PawZ $20 for 1 visit per day
Even if you don’t have pets, let us help your peace of mind when you are traveling!
We will check on your home once a day, alternate lights, pick up the mail/newspapers/fliers and make sure everything is secure!

House Sit Overnight $50.00 per night
We stay in your home and watch your home for security reasons even if you don’t have pets!
Your home appears “lived-in” which is a huge crime deterrent for burglars!

Extra Mileage (Pet Sitting) $3.00 extra per visit
**15-25 mile radius outside of Dallas area

Holiday Surcharge $15.00
**One time fee charged during New Years, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas reservations

Services Provided During Daily Visits

  • Daily Checklist and Activity Report of What Your Pet Did That Day!
  • Feeding
  • Fresh Water
  • Kennel Clean-up
  • Daily Litter Box Maintenance
  • Exercise and lots of play time with favorite toys!
  • “Potty Break” (Dog Let Out in Backyard or Taken Out to Apartment Grass Area)
  • Clean-Up of Any Pet Accidents (additional charge for large extensive accidents)
  • Daily Brushing (optional)
  • Email journal and photos of your pet’s day
  • Administration of Medications, Fluids, Injections and/or Vitamins (optional, if needed)
  • Water Plants
  • Pick Up Mail and Fliers from Door and Yard
  • Pick Up Newspapers
  • Alternate the Lights
  • Adjust the Blinds and Draperies
  • Adjust Thermostat
  • Take Out Garbage and Recycling
  • Emergency Transportation if needed to your personal veterinarian
  • “Four-Paw” Shuttle Vet Groomer Trainer (additional costs)
  • Maintain Pool Level
  • Garden/Lawn Care (additional charge)

Dog Walk with Pet Sitting $15.00/walk
**30 minute exercise in addition to “potty break”

Food/Supply Run $15 per stop/plus expenses when reserved with Pet Sitting
$20 per stop plus expenses without Pet Sitting reservation
Power To The PawZ can do grocery shopping, post office, or dry cleaning also!!

“Four-Paw” Shuttle $20 each way or $30 for round-trip
**Vet, Groomer, and/or Trainer

Minor-PawZ House Cleaning
**Come home to a clean house!! Call us for pricing details!

Clean PawZ Basic Bathing or Grooming – Call for pricing based on breed, weight, and condition of haircoat
**Bathe/Dry/Trim Nails/Clean Ears/Express Anal Glands

Lawn Watering $5.00 – $10.00/per day
*Price depending on lawn size **Usually includes gardens
**Done once a day in the evening

Pet Emergency $40.00/per hour + Vet Bill

Extensive Clean-Up $15.00 per clean-up

Last Minute Reservation Fee $15.00 one time fee
**Less than 24-hour notice **Subject to Availability

PawZ of Life Key Registration Fee No Charge

Key Pickup Fee $10.00
**Initial pickup is free at initial consultation—See PawZ of Life Key program to avoid this fee for each reservation

Early Home Arrival with No Notice $15.00 for uncancelled visit
**If 24-48 Hour Notice is Given, this fee is waived

ID Tag Charge $10.00

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