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Service Terms & Conditions

Service Terms and Conditions

• For your protection and our, we require all pets to be current on all their vaccinations. This is necessary in order to prevent spread of the diseases from house to house. A copy of this record must be provided at initial consultation or a form signed for the vet to release records before we begin service. Also, all pets need to be up to date with flea prevention of choice, even if no fleas are seen.

• All animals are required to wear identification tags while they are under our care. If your pet does not have one, Power To The PawZ will be happy to get one made for you for a small charge, but we will not agree to pet-sit unless one is made and worn by the animal.

• We need to know if your pet has bitten or is aggressive before booking. A free consultation will still be scheduled to assess the situation further. Owner shall disclose all pertinent information about the pet(s) in regards to past aggressive behavior or fears, illness or injury, vaccination, known allergies, unusual behavior, digging out of yard, hiding places and ability to escape.

• We do not “exclude” pets. If they are under our watch, they are under our care. Our professionalism, ethic responsibility, and conscience would not allow the oversight of a cat or another animal in need of food, medical care, or human attention.

• We MUST be advised of any person who has access to your home. If we arrive and find things out of place or a stranger in your home, we are going to call the police first and ask questions later. This includes housekeepers, lawn services, friends, relatives, etc. If owner arranges for other friends or family members to share pet sitting duties or have access to your home while you are away, Power To The PawZ accepts no responsibility for the security of your home, pets, and property.

• Payment can be made at initial consultation visit, it can be left for pick-up on first visit, or it can be mailed within 48 hours upon returning home. If everyone is happy after the initial consultation and you decide to proceed with services, we will let you know what you will owe, not including any unforeseen happenings that may occur during the visit. We accept cash or check or charge through Paypal.com. A 20% late service charge* will be applied to all accounts over 30 days past due and will incur for each additional month until the account is paid in full. Client is responsible for ALL legal fees for collections plus applicable service charges. *A minimum of $25 late service charge per month account is past due. See Refunds or Cancellations below.

• House keys are only picked up and returned in person, not left on the counter, under the mat, or in the mailbox. We will need 2 House Keys. One is stored in a safe at the office in case of an emergency with the sitter—another pet sitter will be able to still care for your pets. House keys will be returned once payment is received, unless otherwise requested.

• You may leave your key on file or call to have it returned to after your booking. Keys are taken and put into safe with an assigned number so no one has access to your key except me. The coding is stored in a separate place known only to owner of Power To The PawZ that lets me know which pet belongs to which key. We understand the enormous trust you put with me for your pets and your keys. If you choose not to participate in the program, keys will be returned within 5 days of notification. Re-bookings are subject to a $10 key pickup fee prior to the next visit. Please see PawZ of Life Key Program below for more details.

• “Four-Paw” Shuttle: Clients can choose either a one-way service or we will wait and return the animals home safely. ALL pets are either transported in a crate or with a seatbelt.

• We only walk dogs that are properly leash trained and we will never take out a dog unleashed due to safety concerns. It is client’s responsibility to make sure the pet’s collars and leashes fit properly and are safe for their animals.

• Upon leaving your home, we will make sure all doors are locked and alarm systems are armed as per your instructions.

• We will seek immediate veterinary care for any pet that appears ill or injured. We will do our best to contact your vet and go there, but in case of an emergency, we will use the closest emergency clinic or my personal vet. We will also do my best to get in touch with you at every possible number to explain the situation and assess finances at that time. If the veterinary care is due to negligence or willful misconduct on our part, fees will be assessed at the time, depending on the situation. If the veterinary care is not due to our negligence or willful misconduct, then the amount of the veterinary bill plus payment for our time ($40/hr) will be added on to your invoice and you will be responsible for payment upon return. You are encouraged to leave a credit card on file with your regular vet in order to take care of the veterinary bill at that time with the hospital. These policies also apply to emergency situations with your home while under my watch. We do require a credit card number on file with me, but will of course discuss the situation with you completely before the number is ever used. If Power To The PawZ must use our credit card on file with veterinarian, client agrees to be responsible for all charges in addition to a 5% convenience fee.

• Visitors: Power To The PawZ will not allow anyone into the client’s home without prior approval. Visitor must be prepared to show identification upon arrival. Emergency staff are the only exception to this rule. If any friend, neighbor, family member, or any other representative of client’s enters the client’s home during a service period, Power To The PawZ is NOT responsible for damage or loss to the property, including client’s pet(s). Power To The PawZ will NOT job share with any family, friend or acquaintance of our client’s. This is for insurance purposes and to avoid any confusion regarding pet’s caretaking.

• Outdoor animals: It is the client’s responsibility to ensure gates and fences are secure and safe for their pet. Power To The PawZ is not responsible for injury, health, theft, or death of any pets left outside for any pet that has access to the outdoors.

• All pets must be seen at a minimum of once a day. Power To The PawZ does not provide every other day care because we believe the safety and well being of your pets requires at least one visit per day.

• We do reserve the right to refuse service and the right to change all fees at any time.

• All Returned Checks will be subject to a $25 charge.

Pet Sitting Hours 6am-9pm (7 days a week)
Overnight Service 9pm-7am (7 days a week)
“Four-Paw” Shuttle/Pet Errands 7am-8pm (7 days a week) – 48 hour notice required

PawZ of Life Key Program
This service allows me to store your spare key so that you may make pet sitting reservation with a phone call or email. We will leave an invoice at your home upon the completion of our services and you can simply drop payment in the mail or pay online via our website or invoice. By utilizing the PawZ of Life Key Program, the need to schedule key pick-up and returns is conveniently alleviated. It also allows me to accept your reservations for future services with less notice than is normally required. This program is a practical way to handle those unexpected trips that sometimes arise, as well as allowing for spontaneity (when you feel the need to get away for the weekend) while assuring that your pets will be well taken care of. *We do still require 48-hours notice for pet sitting, unless it is a dire emergency and 72-hours notice for holidays—all subject to availability.

Refunds and Cancellations
Our cancellation policy regularly is one week, but two weeks for holidays. The charges that are forfeited is one-half the total price for the original booking. If payment is made beforehand and we are given proper notice as mentioned previously, a refund can be issued. Allow two weeks for payment to be processed and mailed.

Early Home Arrival
24-hour advance notice is required for early home arrival during the normal year, and 48-hour notice is required for Holidays. If no prior notice is given according to the previous policies, fees are forfeited and you still will be charged for the cost of at least one-day rates, plus a fee of $25. Please call and let us know before you arrive if you’re coming home early to save you and us the extra cost.

Last Minute Reservations
While normally we request that you give us plenty of time to plan for your vacation, we do understand that those circumstances of last minute do come up every now and then. If available, we can take reservations with less than 24-hour notice, but there is an additional fee for this service of $15.00.

Holidays are our busiest periods. Reservations are taken on a first come-first serve basis. Make your holiday reservations early!! Additional surcharge of $15 is charged only once per vacation on New Year’s Eve, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

We appreciate your business and
look forward to pampering your pets.