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Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions from your pet…

Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions from your pet…

1. Physical Exercise

You know it is the number one resolution for people and it is something your pet craves too! Just like people in your life, some pets are really obvious about liking exercise and then others… not so much! Regardless, it is good for us and fantastic for our pets! Make it a fun and bonding experience for both of you. It doesn’t have to be a 10 mile walk, but it should be appropriate for your pet’s breed and personality. This is not only a great time to practice Leash Manners, but it is also a fantastic time to let them explore the world around them and enjoy nature with you. When you can enjoy your walk and learn to be in the moment with them, it takes your relationship with your pet to an entirely new level!

Does your pet not do well on a leash? If you’re interested in working on that, we would be happy to help! We not only offer Professional Dog Walking with Leash Manners incorporated & reinforced into our walk! Contact us for more details!

2. Mental Stimulation (Interactive Toys & Training)

If you were locked in a house with no TV, no internet, no cell phone and no human interaction all day everyday, you’d be chewing the couch too!! They have some AMAZING Interactive toys that span from very simple to very complex AND some are even controlled by a computer! Starmark, Outward Hound and Trixie Pet Products make some very interesting toys. I also love the KONG wobbler and the Pet IQ ball and even better, something called the SnuffleMat to eat their meal in everyday! You are stimulated everyday by the things in your life and your pet HAS to have that too or you get behavior issues! If you want to learn some amazing new games to stimulate your dog’s intelligence, focus and training while having a blast with you, contact us to set up a session or check out some of our upcoming workshops!

3. Spend more quality time with YOU!

Everyone has the best of intentions at the beginning of the year with all of their New Year’s Resolutions, but your dog only wants a few things in life everyday. If my dogs and my daughter, Lacey (aka #notapuppy in my house), have taught me nothing else, it is to stop and enjoy the snuggles and the laughter. Potato crawled up on my couch last night, while I was working away on my laptop, because he just wanted to snuggle as close as he could to me. Of course I stopped, hugged him, and kissed him because as we fight his cancer, every single moment is precious. No matter how busy things get or how stressful life may seem at the time, my kids always make me feel better and I want to treasure them! They deserve the best and the one thing they want most is very simple, very cheap and very easy… YOU!

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