Knowing Your Pet’s Health

You’ve chosen to take responsibility for this Gift of Life, this new dog, cat puppy or kitten.

Your responsibility, as a pet owner in this new millennium, is to create a lifestyle for your pet that will minimize the risk of illness, injury and disease AND maximizes the quality of your pet’s life and your relationship with them. That’s what this seminar can help you learn to do!

There are 5 Components for Optimal Wellness for your pet… How many can you check off?

Topics Covered

  • Nutrition
  • The Top 10 Ingredients You DO NOT Want To See In Your Pet’s Food
  • Water
  • Supplementation
  • Exercise
  • Snout-To-Tail™ Assessment for Injury & Wellness
  • Your Pet’s Vitals
    Temperature, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and Mucous Membranes!
  • And so much more!

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Outstanding Service!

We used the dog sitting services for our two older dogs...the service was outstanding. Our dogs received affection and great care. Thanks to Beth and her great team!

"Beth has been a lifesaver for us. We did lots of research and preparation before getting our Golden Retriever puppy, but even still, were completely caught off guard by the level of energy and destructiveness our sweet little girl displayed. We tried going to group training sessions and bringing in private trainers to help, but neither one seemed to be getting us anywhere. Even they labeled her as an “extreme case.” Our Golden is a smart girl and was learning commands and basic tricks, but our lives still became completely puppy-focused because of her wild behavior. We had to watch her every waking moment because if your attention wavered even 20 seconds, something in the house or yard would be destroyed. And when she wasn’t biting things, she was biting us - which was painful and frustrating. By the time we contacted Beth, we were at our wits’ end. We had a phone consultation with Beth that lasted close to an hour, and we explained our situation fully. Beth was very reassuring, and confident she could help. Based on our conversation (we’d spoken with other trainers as well), we elected to do Beth’s two-week Board and Train. After the first two weeks, we agreed that a third week would be beneficial. I don’t want to say the dog we got back after three weeks was a completely different dog, but the difference was night and day. She of course still had/has her puppy energy, but her behavior was much more controllable and she was much more “mannerly.” In addition to the commands she already knew, she would even listen to new commands like “leave it” and “drop it.” Prior to her training with Beth, getting her into her crate was a daily and nightly nightmare, but ever since, she’s gone in as easily and peacefully as you please. And we haven’t had any issue with her biting us since. That alone was worth the money. Our Golden occasionally still has relapses and doesn’t always make smart choices, but thanks to Beth, she got the foundational training she needed to make our lives with her manageable. Lastly, Beth offers follow-up sessions to reinforce existing training, and help with any new training - plus boarding where she also reinforces her training. We’re taking advantage of both. We can’t recommend her enough."

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