Pet Sitting

Serving the Dallas and surrounding areas

Why use a Professional Pet Sitter?

Benefits to the Pet:

  • Reduce your pet’s stress by keeping them in a familiar environment
  • The pet can still follow the daily routine of diet, exercise, and medications
  • Keep your pet healthier by not exposing them to parasites and other airborne respiratory illnesses found with other animals
  • Get rid of the trauma caused by travel and unfamiliar environments
  • The pet will receive individual love and undivided attention while you are away
  • In the event of an emergency, your pet will be transported to your vet for immediate attention

Benefits To The Owner:

  • The owner will have Peace of Mind knowing their animal is in loving and protective hands
  • The owner isn’t inconvenienced by taking the animal in the car, to the kennel, making sure they have the right food, have the right medication, then going home and worrying
  • The owner doesn’t have to impose on family, friends, or neighbors
  • The owner’s home is made more secure by crime deterrent measures
  • Pet Sitters can provide additional home services while caring for your pet, such as watering plants, bringing in the mail/newspapers, grocery shopping, and dry cleaning
  • The owner may call me at anytime to check on their house or their animal

Pet Sitting Visits

$29.00 per 30-45 minute visit
Extended Visit Time $16.00 per 1/2 hour

Overnight Service $135/night
**Guaranteed a minimum of 10 hours overnight – Additional visits during the day at additional rate

House sit with No PawZ $25 for 1 visit per day
Even if you don’t have pets, let us help your peace of mind when you are traveling!
We will check on your home once a day, alternate lights, pick up the mail/newspapers/fliers and make sure everything is secure!

House Sit Overnight $100.00 per night
We stay in your home and watch your home for security reasons even if you don’t have pets!
Your home appears “lived-in” which is a huge crime deterrent for burglars!

Extra Mileage (Pet Sitting) $5.00 extra per visit
**Over 10 mile radius outside of Dallas area

Holiday Surcharge $15.00/visit
**One time fee charged during New Years, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day reservations

Services Provided During Daily Visits

  • Daily Checklist and Activity Report of What Your Pet Did That Day!
  • Feeding
  • Fresh Water
  • Kennel Clean-up
  • Daily Litter Box Maintenance
  • Exercise and lots of play time with favorite toys!
  • “Potty Break” (Dog Let Out in Backyard or Taken Out to Apartment Grass Area)
  • Clean-Up of Any Pet Accidents (additional charge for large extensive accidents)
  • Daily Brushing (optional)
  • Email journal and photos of your pet’s day
  • Administration of Medications, Fluids, Injections and/or Vitamins (optional, if needed)
  • Water Plants
  • Pick Up Mail and Fliers from Door and Yard
  • Pick Up Newspapers
  • Alternate the Lights
  • Adjust the Blinds and Draperies
  • Adjust Thermostat
  • Take Out Garbage and Recycling
  • Emergency Transportation if needed to your personal veterinarian
  • “Four-Paw” Shuttle Vet Groomer Trainer (additional costs)
  • Maintain Pool Level
  • Garden/Lawn Care (additional charge)

Dog Walk with Pet Sitting $20/walk
**30 minute exercise in addition to “potty break”

Food/Supply Run $15 per stop/plus expenses when reserved with Pet Sitting
$20 per stop plus expenses without Pet Sitting reservation

Safe PawZ Shuttle $30 each trip or $20 for round-trip plus additional wait time
**Vet, Groomer, and/or DayPlay or Boarding facility
**Mileage to/from destination is also factored into final cost

Clean PawZ Basic Bathing – Call for pricing based on breed, weight, and condition of haircoat
**Bathe/Dry/Trim Nails/Clean Ears/Express Anal Glands

Lawn Watering $5.00 – $10.00/per day
*Price depending on lawn size **Usually includes gardens
**Done once a day in the evening

Pet Emergency $50/per hour + Vet Bill

Extensive Clean-Up $15.00 per clean-up

Last Minute Reservation Fee $15.00 one time fee
**Less than 24-hour notice **Subject to Availability

PawZ of Life Key Registration Fee No Charge

Key Pickup/Drop Off Fee $15.00
**Initial pickup is free at initial consultation—See PawZ of Life Key program to avoid this fee for each reservation

Early Home Arrival with No Notice $15.00 for uncancelled visit
**If 48 Hour Notice is Given, this fee is waived

ID Tag Charge $10.00

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Power to The PawZ Pet Services
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
byBruce Steele onPower to The PawZ Pet Services
Outstanding Service!

We used the dog sitting services for our two older dogs...the service was outstanding. Our dogs received affection and great care. Thanks to Beth and her great team!

byC Miltenberger onPower to The PawZ Pet Services
Pet Sitting

The first time in 5 years i Have felt comfortable and confident with my 3 dogs being well cared for. I was able to go about my travel work trip without concerns or worry. an updated diary was sent with eating habits and daily 'business habits" for the pups. Real Time photos were sent of the pups daily.

Thank goodness Powertothepawz exists!!