Very Important PawZ Membership

Exclusive Benefits For Our Loyal Clients

Very Important PawZ Membership has been designed to give exceptional value to our loyal clients. 

What many other pet companies consider going above and beyond is just what Power To The PawZ offers as standard service. We always want to push the bar of pet care to hold all of our colleagues to another level! We have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and we want to ensure we can continue to provide the professional and highly specialized care you have grown to expect from us.

When I started Power To The PawZ many years ago, I knew I wanted to be different. I did not want to be your average Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter, Boarding facility, or Dog Walker. I wanted to make you and your pets my number one priority. I am consistently asking myself, what can we do more for our clients? How can I make their experience or their pet’s experience with us better? How can we go above and beyond for them? 

The Very Important PawZ Membership Plan is for clients just like you! All of our customers will continue to be taken care of by my team and me. Still, YOU as an exclusive member will receive specialized attention from me specifically and become my highest priority! 

As a member of our VIP Program, you and your pet will enjoy exclusive benefits for all Dog Training, Pet Sitting, Family-Style Boarding, Dog Walking & Specialized Custom Services.

Limited VIP Membership spots are available!

Once all the spots are taken, we will not open it up to anyone else until a spot becomes available next year! Our Power to the PawZ family continues to grow, and we want to ensure you, our most loyal clients, maintain exclusive access to these specialized services we are offering!

**Each membership will be $420/year (which breaks down to only $35/mo) and will be for a 12-month annual membership and will renew 12 months from the date of enrollment. For example, you enroll on Jan 1st, 2021, it will be $420 and reoccur on Jan 1st, 2022. You may cancel at any time, but your annual membership is not refundable.

Comparison of Services


Most Other Pet Service Companies

Power to the PawZ Offers

Very Important PawZ Membership

Staff and Resources
Number of StaffUsually 1 or 24+ Staff4+ Staff
Insured & BondedNot Usually
All Employees Trained Annually in CPR & First AidNot Likely
All Employees Trained Annually by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Services Offered
Length of Walks30 min maxUp to 60 min walksUp to 60 min walks
Leash Manners Reinforced on Walks
Dog Running
Length of Pet Sitting VisitsUsually 20-30 min30-45 min30-45 min
Overnight Pet SittingNot Usually
Family-Style Boarding
Household Manners Reinforced When Boarding
Pictures & Reports EVERY Visit
Exclusive Services
Special Member Only Rates
Special Client & Dog Parties
Priority Pet Sitting & Family-Style Boarding Reservations
Shuttle Service for Family-Style BoardingAdditional FeeComplimentary
Unlimited Calls / Texts / emails with Priority Response Time
TWO 30-minute Teleconference Meetings Per Year to Discuss Training or Behavior
Access to Private Facebook Page for All Dog Questions
1 Free 5-Week Group Obedience Training Class or 3 One-Day Workshops
1 Seat in our Pet Techᵀᴹ Pet CPR & First Aid Training Workshops
Free Pet Health Warranty (Non-negligent care covered up to $500)
No Charge for Special Food/Medication
No Charge for Last Minute Cancellations*
Complimentary Lock Boxes
Access to Concierge Services**

* Limit 1 per month
** for an additional fee

Your Very Important PawZ (VIP) Membership includes:

Special Members-Only Service Rates

Members will always pay a lower price than Non-Members

Special Client & Dog parties

For members only throughout the year – Not all dogs are meant to party and may not enjoy this, but you definitely will!!

Priority Pet Sitting and Family-Style Boarding reservations

Get first access to those holidays and popular weekends that fill up – This is not guaranteed reservations, but limited spaces are held for VIP members, first come, first serve!

Unlimited calls/texts/emails with priority response time

If I’m awake, I’m ready to educate! (Priceless)

TWO 30-minute teleconference meetings via Zoom

Within your membership year to discuss training or behavior problems ($190 Value)

One Free 5-week Group Obedience Training class or 2 One-Day Training Workshops

Everyone can use a little maintenance refresher! ($175 Value)

Free Pet Health Warranty

If anything happens to your pet while they are with us (like an ear infection, scrape from playing with dogs, or soft tissue injury from jumping off of something, etc.) we do not want to be worried about your pet not being cared for! We will cover up to $500 in medical expenses for non-negligent injury or illness! ($500 Value)

VIP access to the private Facebook page

Our Facebook page is to get all dog questions answered! (Priceless information!)

All manners reinforced when boarding

Our new calm & serene family-style boarding home which is over 3,000 sq feet – all household manners reinforced (Priceless!)

Complimentary Lock Boxes

For convenience for dog walking, pet sitting, or boarding clients that use our shuttle service, instead of keeping a key on file, we will provide a secure lockbox! It’s also  convenient for our shuttle clients so you can get out of the house for your trip without worrying about scheduling a time for us to pick up the pups! ($40 Value)

One seat in our Pet Tech™ Pet CPR & First Aid Workshop

What would you do in an emergency to save your pet? Life-saving skills for the real and preventable dangers to pet parents and pet care professionals! ($165 Value)

No charge for special food/medication administration

We are happy to give prescription food, medications & supplements for your pets and do this at no charge for members! (Saves $20 – $100 per year)

No charge for last-minute cancellations

We understand things happen and we want to make sure our clients don’t have the added stress of our cancellation policy if they have made a reservation. 

For Dog Walking: Limit 1 cancellation per month (Saves $28 – $40/month)

For Pet Sitting/Boarding Reservations: Limit 3 per year including holidays (Saves up to $2,000 per year depending on reservation length and number of dogs)

Complimentary pick-up & drop-off for boarding dogs at Beth’s house

You always have the option to drop-off and pick-up your pet within scheduled hours if that is easier for you, but we offer a Complimentary Shuttle for our members to provide convenience when you are trying to get out of town or if you are getting home late! (Saves up to $80 per stay)

Reinforce leash manners

You have worked hard on leash manners and we want to make sure you’re supported in that! We reinforce proper leash manners by consistently strengthening the training your dog has already received. (Priceless!!)