Why should you choose a professional to care for you pets?

There are so many people out there wanting to be a hobby dog walker or pet sitter because they “love pets” and want to make a little extra cash. The neighbor next door costs much less, so why should you choose a professional pet sitter, even if it means you will likely pay more money?

Below are the top 5 reasons you should choose a professional when you need someone to take care of your pets.

We care about your safety. We are bonded and insured, which means we are covered for any possible incidents that might happen. Hobby Pet Sitters often haven’t spent the money to get these types of coverages. We know that accidents can happen, and we are prepared for them so that you aren’t paying out of pocket if anything should happen.

We care about your pet’s safety. The well-being of your pet is our top priority. Many hobby dog walkers have had little to no experience with pet sitting or dog walking. Although they may TRULY love pets, they wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to your pet while they were caring for it. There have been so many articles about dogs dying while they are in a hobby sitters care. Our walkers and sitters are heavily screened and have been through a lengthy training process, including shadowing our top trainer for several weeks. We also require that all our caretakers be certified in Pet CPR & First Aid to handle an emergency if it happens.

We keep it professional. There have been too many horror stories where we hear that a hobby sitter or walker has had people over to a client’s house while taking care of their pets. Caring for your pet is our business, and we take pride in our professional attitude. Our sitters are focused on your pets because it is their job! They do not invite people over or spend time surfing the internet or texting their friends. We are so committed to giving your pet the best care and services that we are constantly taking advantage of continuing education.

Your dog is constantly learning, and we keep them on track. Since our business also focuses on training, we teach all our walkers to reinforce training throughout their walks. For hobby pet sitters, this is supposed to be “fun,” and they may allow the dog to lead the walks or pull on the leash, often creating bad habits. Our goal is to reinforce leash manners and develop good habits with your dog to be better when you are walking them, as well!

We put your needs first. Since we run our business as a business, we are always available; while you are at work, weekends, or holidays. Basically, we are there in the times that you will need us! A hobby pet sitter may have other commitments, such as school, another job, or even a trip, that won’t allow them to be available to you when you need them most!

When you choose someone to take care of your best friend or baby, make sure you know that they can give them the best care. Using a professional pet sitter who is insured, bonded, and trained protects you and your pet. Professionals may cost a bit more than the hobby pet sitter, but we know there is no price you can put on your pet’s safety.