A Note from Beth Bowers....

Beth Bowers, Power to the PawZ

My passion

My passion in life is to feed my hunger for knowledge of the animal world by surrounding myself with other pet professionals and pet owners. I learn from all of them and use that as I strive to bridge the gap of communication between my clients and their animals.

My vision

My vision is to teach pet owners and pet care professionals and to provide the resources for them to not only care for their pets, but also be able to communicate with their pets on a level of mutual respect where each truly understands the other.

Dogs and cats do not speak English. They speak Dog and Cat. You each have to learn to be bilingual to empathize and discover how the other species navigates their world.

Why Choose Power To The PawZ

We are passionate about pets, and while a lot of pet professionals claim they like pets more than people, we genuinely like both! We absolutely LOVE our clients and their furry families. We strive to make our clients feel like our extended family. We are truly honored that our pet parents entrust their four-legged kids with us!

What Makes Us Different?

We go out of our way to meet all potential needs that we can for our pet parents. We want to point out just a few reasons that make us stand out.


We have more staff

To meet the needs of our clients, we have more employees than most other pet service companies. Our larger staff allows us to offer you more availability, be flexible with your needs and provide more slots for booking than other companies with only 1 or 2 staff members.

We are insured & bonded

A lot of pet services companies don't have the resources to get this kind of backing. We prioritize covering our employees (and, in the end, YOU!) by being fully insured and bonded. We are committed to offering you services worry-free!

We don't use independent contractors

Instead of using independent contractors like a lot of pet service companies, we actually have employees! This means we train them to the HIGHEST standard, and we have the power to hold them to that standard.

About Beth

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