Dog Training

Annual Maintenance

So, you have just spent all this money, time, and energy on training your dog and they’re going to be perfect forever, right?
Not likely… Just like any healthy relationship with friends, family, or significant others – you get what you put into the relationship. You have to work at it regularly! And we all know that life eventually happens!
Make sure to protect your investment of time, money, and energy on all the hard work you have done so far with the training! It is hard sometimes to remember to keep up with the dog training before slowly expectations are lowered and commands are used less and less frequently – resulting in all-new behavior problems or fewer boundaries than previously expected from the dog. I want to help you prevent the loss of your investment!

Two Monthly Sessions

It is your responsibility to schedule their monthly appointments as once the month ends, you will lose those session credits.

Normally, this price would be $187 for the 60-min In-Person session and $87 for the 30-min Zoom consult.

Not only are you getting the Zoom consults included at no charge ($1044 VALUE) but you’re also receiving a 20% discount on your In-Person Sessions!

Want to save $1400?

We have an annual maintenance program for only $1416 per year! (Must be paid in full – No refunds or cancellations during 12-month subscription)
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