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Step 1: Please fill out our Training Registration Form

Step 2: Pre-Pay with convenient payment links
found under Private Session or Group Obedience Tabs

Step 3: Go to Beth’s convenient online scheduling portal!

Step 4: Get ready to have some fun!

“Sit! Stay! Educate!”
Text us! (214) 476-9938

“I work with you to motivate the dog to WANT to do what you ask,
not fear what you will do to them if they don’t.”

Are you having specific problems with your pets?

We specialize in all behavior problems… and we love involving the entire family into our Training Programs!

    • Leash Reactivity
      My dog barks and lunges at people or dogs while on leash!
    • Housetraining
      Help, my dog pees or poops in the house!
    • Crate Training Challenges
      My dog hates his crate…
    • Separation Anxiety
      My dog destroys the house or barks and whines like crazy when I leave…
    • Dog and/or Human Aggression
      My dog doesn’t like certain people… or my dog bites!
    • In-Home Dog Dynamics – Multi-Dog Household Challenges
      My dogs don’t all get along in the house…
    • Jumping / Greeting Strangers or Household Manners
      My dog jumps on everyone…
    • Anxiety Behaviors: Licking, Barking, or Whining
  • Fears or Phobias
    My dog is scared of everything…
  • New Dog or New Baby?

First 20-min Phone Consult: FREE

Option 1: Private Consultations (In-Home or On-Site)

*Scheduled with all pet parents each during each session – Essentially we coach you to be your dog’s dog trainer!

Individual Sessions (In-Home or On-Site – Pay by session)
Initial Session includes 30 min complimentary assessment

Custom Private Training Session Packages (In-Home or On-Site)
Must be pre-paid before sessions are scheduled
*All package students receive priority scheduling
*Package holders receive discounts on Group Obedience Class and Workshops for up to 6 months after package purchase


Premium Private Training 4-Session Packages (10% off)
Four 60-Minute Sessions are recommended for One Dog for VERY basic manners
Four 90-Minute Sessions are recommended for extensive cases or multiple dog households

Typically enough sessions to get through all of the VERY basic stages of commands (Address Jumping, Puppy biting/nipping, and House-training issues plus Sit, Down, Focus, Leave-It, Drop-It, Come, Wait for door, Wait for Food/Water, Loose Leash Manners, and Basic Stay) – Expires 6 months from date of purchase


VIP Private Training 6-Session Packages (15% off)
Six 60-Minute Sessions are recommended for One Dog
Six 90-Minute Sessions are recommended for extensive cases or multiple dog households

Typically enough sessions to get through all of the basic stages of commands (Address Jumping, Puppy biting/nipping, and House-training issues plus Sit, Down, Focus, Leave-It, Drop-It, Come, Wait for door, Wait for Food/Water, Loose Leash Manners, Touch, Place and Basic Stay both in the home, neighborhood and ideally several public places too!) – Expires 9 months from date of purchase


Option 2:

Platinum Private Training 12-Week Puppy or Fearful Dog Program

$1997(15% Savings)

We meet once or twice a week for 12 full weeks (16 sessions) in an intense training program that covers all basic commands and all behavior problems are addressed. All sessions are with the pet parents so that all pet parents develop the best habits for the best results! We essentially coach you completely through a full 3-month training program taking the pet to multiple public settings, desensitizing them and socializing them with dogs, children, and adults appropriately.

3 month Fearful Dog Anxiety Product Add-On Package available at an additional cost


Option 3: Private Day Training Program

Starts at $1997 (Pending location, number of dogs and complexity of Training Goals)

If you don’t want to send your dog away to a boarding facility to train them, but don’t really have all the time you need to start the initial training process?

Have you heard bad things about what happens when you send your dog away? Those facilities are under a lot of pressure to get quick results for a lot of families all at one time. A LOT of Board-N-Train Programs use negative “dominance” based techniques that get the dog to do what you want them to do out of fear of what will happen if they don’t behave…

Now there’s an even better option!

The stress of boarding (even at the best places) is not the most ideal environment for learning so I created an option for owners to keep the pet at home, but still get trained! Beth or Ryan will come to your home when you’re home or provided with a key to just work individually with the dog without owner coaching. We don’t mind if you’re present, but our focus is on the dog at that time, not on explaining anything to you.

This is an option for Private Session students that need additional help teaching and reinforcing commands with the dog due to time constraints! YOU MUST have a very clear understanding of the rules and the importance of consistency. We can train your dog all day long, but if you don’t reinforce the training and rules, it will not last! The dog will only learn the habits that are reinforced!


FOR THE DOG: 3 days a week – 45 minutes a day – for a minimum of 4 weeksTotal of TWELVE 45 min sessions

FOR THE PET PARENTS: 1 session before program and 1 session after each week of training – all household members must attend all PET PARENT sessions – Total of FIVE 60min sessions to coach you on new commands and how to reinforce the training

  • Days are dependent on both owner’s and our schedule and dog’s needs

You must work with Beth at least once a week so that she can work with YOU to make sure all commands are consistently reinforced. Beth will not be taking additional time after each individual session with the dog to meet with the owner.

The dog will be exhausted at this point and this time will be better spent in a private session, that are included in your package, so that we can allot the time to fully explain and practice all commands and variables with the owner. If you are unable to meet that week, the next week’s dog sessions will be postponed so that owner is kept up to date with where the dog’s training is at that time and we keep it all aligned with proper reinforcement.

What we Cover: We teach Sit, Down, Focus/Look, Wait, Stay, Come, Leave-It, Drop-It, Quiet, Loose-Leash Manners, No Jumping, Nipping/Biting, Place command and Touch! If the dog has specific behavioral challenges that require more time, it can be continued a week at a time!

Cost of this Program – $1997 for one dog for 12 sessions with the dog (Three 45 min sessions each week for 1 month) and 5 weekly sessions with YOU! A second dog can be added for an additional cost.
Additional weeks can be purchased for an additional cost per week which will be 3 more sessions with the dog and 1 more session with you!


Ready to get started?

  1. Fill out our Training Registration form online – Done!
  2. Choose your program above or let us know and we can customize a new program just for you!
  3. Schedule easily online to pick the day and time that works best for you!

LIVE Virtual Interactive Consultations

These are a HIT!
People are loving the ability to have a custom program built for their dog while being coached all while staying safe and socially distancing correctly!
You can purchase individual sessions or a package to make it more affordable in the long run for you! All sessions will include a CUSTOMIZED training program for your household! Behavior Modification Programs are designed individually per case. Some of the basic commands that we will cover will be Sit, Settled Down, Look at me, Leave-It, Drop-It, Wait for all doors, Wait to come out of the kennel, Wait for food, Basic Stay, Coming when called and Basic Leash Manners. We also will cover puppy Npping/biting, Jumping and Barking behaviors when appropriate!
Package 1: Virtual Puppy Package (Invoiced separately) (6 sessions total) – $905 (10% savings)
            Includes FOUR 90-min sessions, and Two 60-min sessions
            Expires 90 days after purchase
Package 2: Virtually Basics – (Four sessions – 5 hours) will have a 5% discount
             Includes two 90 min sessions and two 60 minute sessions
             Expires 60 days after purchase
5% of all proceeds from these packages are ALSO donated to local rescue efforts!
If the Stay In Place orders are lifted and I am comfortable doing in-home sessions before your package runs out, the virtual sessions will just transfer to in-home at no additional charge

Click here to book your virtual session online

Stay and Train Program


Stay & Train Form
Training Goals *


Two Options Available at same place:

1.) If you’re a current training client and you just want them to board with me for a night or 2 weeks, you can do what we call Family Style Boarding

2.) Full Stay & Train: New clients or Existing Training Clients: Dogs can stay with me for 2 – 6 weeks for the full Stay and Train Program.

This is not your typical “kennel” board and train – They stay in my home as a part of my family, but in their own bedroom so we reduce the stress as much as possible. I have an automatic audio system that plays “Through a Dog’s Ear” album that is designed specifically to calm dogs. I also use VERY safe Dog Appeasing Pheromone products and mild essential oils designed to provide aromatherapy for a calming environment along with orthopedic memory foam beds!

*With our VIP membership or a Full Stay & Train program – we offer Complimentary Pick up from your home at the beginning of their stay and Delivery home upon your return. This is also available for a charge for non-members who are just utilizing our amazing Family-Style boarding option while they travel.

*Boarding in my home for as part of my family with meals and potty breaks as well as lots of love and attention of course! They literally have an entire room to themselves in which they can either board loose (if they are house trained) or kenneled when unsupervised. There are toys, beds and lots of interactive toys to play with that teach them to think and keep them busy when they aren’t training or playing with me or my dogs! All puppies need their break time to rest and recoup from the physical and mental stimulation that they are under so it is important that they get their downtime too.

*Photos and/or videos during their stay updating you on their progress!

*Intense Force-Free Positive Reinforcement Training everyday working on all basic commands:

Crate Training

Address Biting/Nipping


Lay Down

Look/Watch Me/Focus

No Jumping


Wait for food – Wait at Door – Release/Free Command



Loose Leash Manners

Touch/Say Hello – also works for housetraining puppies to ring the bells to let you know they have to go out!

Basic Stay


Go to your Crate/Room/Kennel!

These are completely customized so let us know if there is anything you want worked on that isn’t included.

Annual PawZ Maintenance Training

So, you have just spent all this money, time, and energy on training your dog and they’re going to be perfect forever, right?
Not likely… Just like any healthy relationship with friends, family, or significant others – you get what you put into the relationship. You have to work at it regularly! And we all know that life eventually happens!
Make sure to protect your investment of time, money, and energy on all the hard work you have done so far with the training! It is hard sometimes to remember to keep up with the dog training before slowly expectations are lowered and commands are used less and less frequently – resulting in all-new behavior problems or fewer boundaries than previously expected from the dog. I want to help you prevent the loss of your investment!
Or maybe you want to do more with your dog? Therapy work? Agility? Fun tricks to show to friends? Trust your dog with a fantastic long-distance recall command?
Two Monthly Sessions
One 60-min In-Person “covid-safe” session with Pet Parents help troubleshoot commands and find out what behaviors you might be struggling with or new behaviors you would like them to do
PLUS a FREE 30-min ZOOM virtual consult to discuss upcoming potential training challenges, ideas, games, tricks, or any new problem behaviors that have snuck up!
It is your responsibility to schedule their monthly appointments as once the month ends, you will lose those session credits.
Normally, this price would be $147 for the 60min In-Person session and $87 for the 30min Zoom consult.
Not only are you getting the Zoom consults included at no charge ($1044 VALUE) but you’re also receiving a 20% discount on your In-Person Sessions!
Want to save $1400 each year on a fantastic continuation of training?
Annual Maintenance Program: only $1416 per year!!!!
(Must be paid in full – No refunds or cancellations during 12-month subscription)

Group Classes & Workshops

No Events

Our group workshops and classes are small, effective and a lot of fun!

We hold our classes across North Dallas, Carrollton, Frisco, East Dallas, Uptown and Downtown Dallas and rotate them around town!

*Very limited spots so reserve yours fast!
*Discounts available for multiple pets, but each pet must bring a human!
*Families welcome & encouraged! – No limit to humans
*Discount available for Multiple Dogs, Private Session Students and Package Students

Premium & VIP Private Session Package Students will get discounts on each of the following!

One-Day Workshops
Leash Manners, Jumping & Proper Greetings

Recall Reliability (Get your dog to come to you every time!)

Tricks Workshop

Advanced Adventures Obedience Classes

Success Set-Up email sent prior to class to ensure you and your dog get maximum benefits

We rotate each week to a different dog friendly location around Dallas and test all basic manners in public with some of the ultimate distractions!
Sit, Down, Proper Greetings – No Jumping, Look, Basic Stay, Come, Wait, Leash Manners, Leave-It, and new tricks each week!
Final week is Graduation Ceremony at a dog friendly patio with lots of other dogs and food!!

Basic Obedience 5-Week Group Class
$169/dog for ALL 5 weeks!

Online Introduction Class sent within 1 week before starting class
Sit, Down, Proper Greetings – No Jumping, Basic Stay, Come, Wait, Leash Manners, Leave-It, and 2 Tricks
Final week is Graduation Ceremony

Dog Training
Registration Form

Training Registration Form
Check all that apply
We are contacted for MANY levels of severity with training problems, so this helps us to better understand our client's current state of mind. We hope that you're contacting us BEFORE the problems become severe so that we can help prevent the problems from getting worse.
If not, please explain what your concerns are
This might be training, puzzle toys or working walks!
Please note that this does NOT mean that we will refuse to take your case. Also note that all communication is confidential in accordance to our confidentiality policy.
It's okay if it is zero - we are proud of you for reaching out for help!
After you submit this form you will be redirected to purchase a dog training package.


We are so excited that you have decided to start the journey of training!

Before you schedule your session, please make sure you have
1. Filled out our Training Registration form
2. Selected and paid for either an individual session or a Premium or VIP Package

Once those are complete, or if you are a current training client please see our online scheduling portal to choose the best day and time that works for you!

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Power to The PawZ Dog Training
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
bySteve Scott onPower to The PawZ Dog Training

"Beth has been a lifesaver for us. We did lots of research and preparation before getting our Golden Retriever puppy, but even still, were completely caught off guard by the level of energy and destructiveness our sweet little girl displayed. We tried going to group training sessions and bringing in private trainers to help, but neither one seemed to be getting us anywhere. Even they labeled her as an “extreme case.” Our Golden is a smart girl and was learning commands and basic tricks, but our lives still became completely puppy-focused because of her wild behavior. We had to watch her every waking moment because if your attention wavered even 20 seconds, something in the house or yard would be destroyed. And when she wasn’t biting things, she was biting us - which was painful and frustrating. By the time we contacted Beth, we were at our wits’ end. We had a phone consultation with Beth that lasted close to an hour, and we explained our situation fully. Beth was very reassuring, and confident she could help. Based on our conversation (we’d spoken with other trainers as well), we elected to do Beth’s two-week Board and Train. After the first two weeks, we agreed that a third week would be beneficial. I don’t want to say the dog we got back after three weeks was a completely different dog, but the difference was night and day. She of course still had/has her puppy energy, but her behavior was much more controllable and she was much more “mannerly.” In addition to the commands she already knew, she would even listen to new commands like “leave it” and “drop it.” Prior to her training with Beth, getting her into her crate was a daily and nightly nightmare, but ever since, she’s gone in as easily and peacefully as you please. And we haven’t had any issue with her biting us since. That alone was worth the money. Our Golden occasionally still has relapses and doesn’t always make smart choices, but thanks to Beth, she got the foundational training she needed to make our lives with her manageable. Lastly, Beth offers follow-up sessions to reinforce existing training, and help with any new training - plus boarding where she also reinforces her training. We’re taking advantage of both. We can’t recommend her enough."

byTriniti Slater onPower to The PawZ Dog Training
Dog Training and Boarding

Five stars for boarding:

I have used Beth now twice for board and I absolutely love it! I am able to enjoy vacations knowing my dog, Jax, is having fun and safe with Beth and her team!

Five stars for training:

Beth has been amazing to work with; Jax and I have a lot more to do in order to get where I want us to be. I have used other trainers, but what I most like about Beth is her style. She is not all about showing your dog who is "alpha." Beth has been training me more than my dog, which makes me extremely grateful. Jax is aggressive with other dogs, becoming aggressive with people, extremely protective over me, as well as have high anxiety. With Beth's help, I know Jax overtime will be a confident, well rounded, and happy pup!

byHilary onPower to The PawZ Dog Training
Dog Training

Prior to Beth I had been told beagles cannot be trained and that they will always follow their nose. I had even known dog trainers who refused to work with beagles simply because of their hound characteristics. Beth worked wonders with my beagle puppy Houdini. She helped him master basic commands in a very short time period. I recently moved and still keep in touch with Beth regarding Houdini. Beth is not only a dog trainer, she becomes a part of your dog's life and a friend of the family. I am so happy she came into our life.

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