Top 5 Pet Holiday Gifts for 2020

Our Top 5 Pet Holiday Gifts for 2020

5.) Interactive Puzzle Toys for Dogs & Cats – relieve boredom and provide mental stimulation

Depending on the breed, this is probably one of the most common problems that I see with my training clients… the pets are SO bored! I always tell my clients that if I were to lock you up in your house with no internet, no cell phone, you might get some attention from another human every once in a while, but they’re busy with life and leave you by yourself for 8+ hours a day… how long would you last?? Our animals need mental stimulation just like we do! So this year, give the gift of FUN!
My favorite toys for dogs: 1. The Pickle Pocket – I have yet to find a dog that can destroy it, and I stuff it with all kinds of treats, not just the fancy ones you can buy with it. 2.The classic Kong stuffed with good, appropriate size treats, covered with peanut butter or pumpkin and FROZEN! 3. pawTree Toys – There are a few pages of toys with that link, but the Treatsters are easy. Tuffsters are the true puzzle toys that make them think, and Chewsters are for the avid rough chewers! There are even some that LIGHT UP when they bounce – totally amazing!

The Cat Connection‘s Recommendations: When it comes to Dallas’ cat world, The Cat Connection knows their stuff! They are the #1 Cat Store in all of Dallas, and for a good reason! What was their top recommendation for puzzle toys for cats? Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder is AWESOME or Ripple Rug Activity Mat – Both of these amazing toys are available at The Cat Connection in North Dallas by The Galleria! If you love cats and you have not ventured over there – it is an absolute must for any cat lover or if you want to buy gifts for that crazy cat lover in your life! They offer boarding, grooming, retail supplies, and much more! Truly an amazing place! You can also check out their online store and their Top Gifts for Cats and Top Gifts for Cat People!

4.) Gift Certificate for Group Obedience Classes or One-Day Workshops

No matter what age or skill level, every dog could use a Group Obedience Class! Even if the dog is well trained at home, will they do all the cues in a foreign setting surrounded by a group of strangers and new dogs? Maybe they know their basics, but you want to take them to the next level? This provides a social distraction to elevate even the most well-trained dog to new levels! In 2017 we will be launching all of our Group Classes, including Puppy, Basic, and Advanced! There might even be a Fun-gility class next year! Our most popular one-day workshop is “Proper Greetings, Jumping & Leash Manners Workshop,” and it always fills up fast! If you have a Gift Certificate, you are guaranteed a spot as long as you give us at least 1 week’s notice, even if it is sold out! We also are launching our other popular workshops such as our Leash Reactivity Workshop, Fido, Come!, and our amazing Tricks Workshop! Check out Gift Certificates today to find the best one for your needs/budget! A few weeks of training and improving your communication gives you the gift of a lifetime of less stress with your furry four-legged family member!

It seems like there are subscription boxes for everything these days, but that’s because they are crazy fun and super easy! Now, thanks to pawTree, they are healthy for our pets too! Many subscription pet companies just put a mix of brands and reputations into a box without any consideration to the health of your pets! pawTree now has an option for you that you can send your pawTreats or pawPairings (anti-oxidant Superfood Seasonings!) every 30, 60, or 90 days! And if you order 3 or more products in your box, it ships for FREE! Fun and healthy… can we ask for anything else? to find out more about the products or the business opportunity you could have shown people how important quality nutrition and health supplements are for their pets!

Give the gift of peace of mind either to your pet-loving friends or to yourself! Do you know anyone that would go crazy if something happened to their pet? What would you do in an emergency with your pet? Would you be able to step in and know what to do to increase the survival of that pet on your way to the veterinary hospital? My experience as a Veterinary Nurse for many, many years, both in daily practices and emergency clinics, taught me that the holidays brought about the craziest emergencies with people’s pets! Whether it is people’s distractions, lack of normal routine, “special” gifts that pets NEVER get, or those family members that want to be the pet’s favorite so they sneak them the yummy bone or ham which in large quantities can definitely cause not only dietary upset but also more severe things like pancreatitis! In our First Aid Workshops, we not only review Canine and Feline CPR but also Choking, Seizures, Poisoning, Senior Care, Insect Bites & Stings, Bleeding & Shock Management, Snakebites, Heat & Cold Injuries, Restraint & Muzzling for Safety, Snout-To-Tail Assessments, Checking your pet’s vital signs, Pet First Aid Kits and Dental Care,  Hands-down the most complete and comprehensive Training in DFW by the only Certified Master Pet Tech Instructor in the Southern Central United States!

1.) pawTree Gift Box!

These are so beyond amazing because not only do they hit all price points, but they are dogs AND cats, small dogs, big dogs, light chewers, heavy chewers, gifts for the pets mixed with gifts for the humans – literally couldn’t ask for anything more – not to mention how awesome the products are! These treats are by far the number one preferred treat amongst 99.9% of my training dogs! These are so fun to give, AND all Gift Boxes have FREE SHIPPING until Jan 2nd, AND if you order a gift box before December 13th – It will now come with an EXTRA bag of pawTreats for FREE! I absolutely LOVE these boxes and have started sending them to a lot of my clients too! There are a TON of options; download our ‘Pawliday Gift Guide’ today!