New Adult Dog

Congratulations on your new dog! I want to help you make them a fantastic family member, so we want to focus on basic manners inside the household and walks generally. Every dog has its own story when you get them as adolescents or adults, and some may have a few more challenges than others.

Typical requests would be:

Best recommended advice is the first week is generally easy because the dog will most likely be a little overwhelmed and calm. Be sure to allow your dog about three weeks to settle in. During that first three weeks, you will start to see MOST behavior changes as they gain confidence to be themselves… much like dating a new person!

At three months, most dogs are generally settled in and feel much safer in their new home. Ease your pet into new things, and do not take them to a pet store right away! Let them adjust first and work through some basic training before expecting too much from them. We recommend starting training right away after the first week more for the humans to gain the best habits and expectations! If you practice the bad habits with your dog, you will probably get unpreferred behaviors. The first few months are all about building trust and the feeling of safety with your dog. Yes, boundaries are essential, and you can be clear about those without reinforcing unwanted behaviors. I can show you how!