• Solve Problem Behavior: Professionally Designed And Engineered, The Klimb Is Designed To Improve The Relationship Between You And Your Dog By Working On Common Issues Like Begging, Jumping, And Unnecessary Barking.
  • How It Works: The Klimb Is A Safe Space For Your Dog; They Feel Comfortable And Happy Here. By Giving Them This Defined And Elevated Space, They Become More Focused On You And Your Cues.
  • The Specifics: The Base Is 24” Sq With 12” Removeable Legs. The Base Is A Strong, Molded Poly With Our Exclusive Pawgrip Rubberized Surface For Sure Pet Footing. It’s Both Washable And Waterproof So It Can Also Be Used Outdoors In Varying Weather.
  • What’s Included: You Also Receive Safety Plugs That Fit Into The Holes When Legs Are Not In Use. The Training Video Is Delivered On A Usb Thumb Drive; It’s An Instructional Video That Guides You Through How To Manage Your Dog’s Behavior With Klimb.
  • Passionate Perfectionists: Blue-9 Pet Products Develops Premium Solution-Based Products To Promote And Strengthen The Human-Canine Bond. We Stand Behind Our Products That Are Proudly Made In The USA.
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